Help Our 4-Legged Friends

Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF) of Richmond, VA
ASPCA Poison Control for Animals
Hanover Animal Hospital
Hanover Humane Society
Henrico Humane Society
Richmond Animal League
Ring Dog Rescue
SPCA - Richmond VA

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Over the years our lives have been enriched by the adoption of abandoned dogs which have become our special “fur” children, all of whom have a special place in our lives and hearts. We also have many friends with dogs and cats.

Maggie, who was abandoned near our home when she was three months old, is our latest addition. She has brought us much joy and is a bundle of energy. She also has a distinct “howl” that inspired the name Maggie’s Call to the Wild, which you can hear when you make your final purchase or click on Maggie’s image on the Home Page.